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Gold Rush

I have been scouting the market for months in search of a triptych mirror to place on my vanity. Not only does this classic three-way mirror evoke feminine elegance, it also allows you to view yourself from various angles, making it a fantastic addition to any dressing table. Yet it has been exceptionally difficult to find many decent selections – most options were too small, too ornate, poorly made, sold as sets with tables, or just insanely expensive.

The Chelsea Vanity mirror from Pottery Barn Teen (PBT, who would’ve thought??) was the closest match to what I had in mind in terms of style and dimensions, but it was only available in white or green. The fact that the mirror would require a paint job in order to compliment my black vanity table made the $350 price tag impossible to justify. Nevertheless, I stalked this mirror for about half a year and nearly choked on my kombucha last week when I saw that the “Heirloom Green” had gone on sale for $87. I gladly bit the $50 delivery surcharge bullet and clicked Add to Basket.

My green mirror arrived a few days later. The delivery guy seemed a bit perplexed when I declined his offer to help with assembly, but I wanted to paint each section individually prior to joining the three panels together. I started by carefully lining the mirrors with painter’s tape and paper. After going over the frame with a fine grain sanding block and cleaning off the dust, I was ready to paint.

Spray painting is really fun and easy – just be sure to use multiple thin coats in order to achieve a smooth and even finish. Using sweeping motions, begin and end spraying away from the item in order to avoid spatters. Give each coat a few minutes to dry before applying an additional layer, and make sure you have plenty of ventilation! We were blessed with gorgeously un-humid weather this past weekend (a total rarity in NYC lately), and the paint dried within an hour. The final steps involved installing hinging hardware, removing the tape and paper, and giving the mirrors a quick wipe.

Initially, I was pretty nervous about going gold, but I’m so glad I took the risk! Its surprisingly subtle sheen completely lights up the corner of our bedroom. Here’s a peek at the final product and as well as a some of the goodies I’ve got stashed away in my glamorous new nook :)

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Judy's Vanity Flair

Congratulations to my dear friend Judy, who just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl! Hooray!!

Judy is one of those friends who offers a constant source of encouragement. As neighbors, we often bump into each other on the train, and she is always a sight for sore eyes at the end of a long day. Her smile and optimism are seriously contagious. And how amazing did she look at 9 months?! This lady is beautiful inside and out. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I know she is going to be a spectacular mother!

I had the fortunate chance to spend a quiet afternoon with Judy at her apartment last Sunday. With baby girl arriving at any moment, we both knew that times like these would be rare and precious. Like true girly girls, we chatted while playing with bags, jewelry, and makeup. I brought my camera along and snapped a few moments. Here's a peek into our afternoon, and a few words from Judy~

"My vanity is from West Elm, and it was the first piece of furniture I had picked out when Simon and I got married over 4 years ago. I wanted it to be sleek and convertible. When I flip the mirror down, this vanity turns into a regular desk, which is convenient."

"I love having a vanity because I love getting all dolled-up for a special occasion, and the vanity is where I can make that happen. But on a daily basis, I spend less than 5 minutes in front of it getting ready for work, because I am always running late! My daily routine is all about time efficiency - Blow dry and style my hair, moisturize, and lay on a light touch of foundation... then I am out the door in less than 15 minutes!"

Judy's Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves:

 1. Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch "Touche Éclat" Highlighter Pen - "I get this one shade lighter than my skin color and use it as an under-eye concealer, which instantly hides dark circles. It also works great under the brow bone."

2. BareMinerals Foundation with SPF 15 - "Get the starter kit if you're new to this must-have-for-every-woman foundation! Not only does it even out skin tone and offer full coverage for flaws, it also enhances your natural skin appeal."

3. Hourglass Eyeshadow in Prism - "This color is to die for! I love the black shimmery color that is perfect for a night out. You can also wear this as an eyeliner when it's applied wet with an eyeliner brush."

4. Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner - "I cannot live without this liquid eyeliner because it has a great felt tip and dries instantly. Plus, it enhances your natural lashes and makes them look fuller over time."

5. TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream - "I've used this everyday throughout my pregnancy and I would recommended it to all the preggers out there! One jar lasts about 3-4 months, which is a pretty good deal."

Judy's Top 3 Beauty Tips:
"Q-tips and lotion combined create the perfect eye makeup remover."
"Don't forget to pamper yourself. Massages and facials are so important."
"Vitamins are the key to healthy hair, skin, and nails. Look for multivitamins with a Biotin supplement."

"It's always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed for any occasion."
P.S. - There are two girls sitting at this vanity :)


Face Time

I love sipping coffee at my dressing table every morning (Chris grinds the beans at night and sets our coffee maker to brew at 6:30am) while I primp and preen. I put on some music and take my time, savoring the peaceful moments as I prepare for another day in the world.

I also sit at the same table every evening, sipping wine as I unwind from the day. I reflect and decompress while indulging in a bit of pre-bedtime pampering, and oftentimes find myself jotting thoughts, notes, and ideas into my journal.

While these rituals may seem frivolous to some, they are essential and sacred parts of my day. I am currently working on arranging a new corner vanity in our bedroom. A vanity speaks volumes about a woman's lifestyle and personality. It is an intimate space, and I am looking forward to creating one that is both elegant and functional. Do you own a vanity? What's your favorite part of each morning/evening?