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Hot Mess

Get a load of this wreckage!

My PM kept sending real-time photo updates of the gut progress yesterday, which made it incredibly difficult for me to concentrate at work. I had butterflies in my stomach all day!

Thankfully, the entire demo project went down smoothly and drama-free. I was anxious to behold the aftermath with my own eyes, so Chris and I swung by to take a peep. This is what we found:

Oh, and there is a Jacuzzi in our living room. That statement may seem perfectly acceptable in Vegas, but this a whole other story.


Happy D-Day!

I am feeling like a kid on Christmas morning right now, because today is the day we are going to demo our bathroom! We're gutting the entire thing and starting from scratch. I've had a love/hate relationship with this portion of our renovation - Love, because this is the most drastic and dramatic update we will be making in our apartment, and I've had so much fun designing and planning this room. Hate, because of all the paperwork, DOB permits, and red tape I've had to deal with in order to receive approval for this project. Now that the day is finally here, I am so very eager to see it all come together at last. But first, everything must come apart!

Here is a peek at the original bathroom:

And here is a peek inside my head:

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